Representative Director

Takaaki Fukunaga

Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant

To realize sustainability through our business, we have assessed opportunities and risks related to social and environmental issues that may affect us and identified the “three material issues” we should address through our business.

Three Material Issues

  1. Pursuit of a high level of organizational happiness
  2. Response to a circular society
  3. Continuous reinforcement of governance

Among these, I place particular emphasis on (1) Pursuit of a high level of organizational happiness, meaning that we pursue states of physical, emotional, economic, and social well-being for all executives and employees. Since considerable amount of time of our life is spent at work, I believe creating a work environment that makes everyone happy should be our top priority.
By creating an open and employee-friendly organization where many bottom-up ideas are brought up, we aim to increase work productivity (i.e. reduction in working hours) by promoting digital transformation (DX), etc. and to improve employee engagement by allowing employees to work on high value-added jobs with enhanced expertise.
In addition, to consistently provide high value-added services to improve customer loyalty, it is essential to have the ability to perceive things from a multilateral perspective and build trust relationships both inside and outside the company.
We pay full attention to ensure that all employees can steadily achieve self-growth and self-realization, share a joy and sense of accomplishment with their clients and coworkers, and get a raise as a result of their efforts to improve work productivity and expertise.
To achieve these, we accept and respect various values and workstyles according to employees’ living environment and life stage and strive to create and revitalize the organization which allows employees to work comfortably by taking advantage of their attributes, skills, and values mainly through following efforts.

  • ・Offer opportunities for frequent and open communications between management and employees.
  • ・Instill our corporate philosophy by holding regular all-hands meetings and receiving feedback
  • ・Provide support for company social activities
  • ・Recruit individuals with expertise
  • ・Develop human resources (encourage/subsidize external learning and self-study and enhance in-house training system)
  • ・Introduce remote work, shorter work hours, and flextime system
  • ・Actively encourage to take paid time off
  • ・Promote work-style reforms by reducing overtime working hours through improvement in operational efficiency, etc.
  • ・Provide support for foreign employees to stay and opportunities to demonstrate their abilities

What I have particularly focused on since I founded the company is to create a work environment friendly to employees in childcare/nursing care by offering options such as remote work and shorter work hours. As I’m currently working while raising two children myself, I’m trying even harder by trial and error to realize the work environment where employees can balance work and parenting.

I am also working to create an organization with an open and friendly culture that encourages many bottom-up ideas to be shared by the entire company by encouraging feedback after meetings and trainings, participating in company social activities and maintaining close day-to-day communications with employees.

With “enjoy working, be professional” as my belief, I am committed to achieving a sustainable growth of individuals, organization, and society as a whole and increasing medium- to long-term corporate value through improvement in work productivity and expertise of individuals and pursuit of a high level of organizational happiness.