We conduct fair and transparent corporate activities while respecting and complying with international social norms to ensure that the entire corporate activities including management activities conform to social norms and meet expectations of diverse stakeholders.

Strengthening Corporate Governance

To strengthen competitiveness and create sustainable value, we believe it is necessary to take appropriate risk in business execution and at the same time establish and exercise a highly effective supervisory function against business execution. Hence, we have built a corporate governance system from a supervisory perspective:

  • Design/operate/correct internal control
  • Conduct internal audit

Strengthening Compliance

We strive to ensure compliance in our daily business activities as we consider that compliance is to observe laws and regulations as well as corporate ethics and internal rules.

Strengthening Risk Management

Amid an increasingly complex and diversified environment surrounding enterprises, we consider risk management as an essential factor in carrying out management strategies and fulfilling business objectives and identify significant risks that should be addressed by all executives and employees through appropriate analysis and assessment of uncertainties related to our business both inside and outside the company.
As part of risk management, we also have in place a business continuity management (BCM)/business continuity planning (BCP) to ensure business continuity in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters.

  • Establish (including self-assessment through company-wide training)/implement/improve a risk management system

Strengthening Information Security

Recognizing that information security is the most important issue in providing safe and secure services to our clients, we are working on continuous improvement of information security management as we believe implementing the appropriate risk-based management will lead to business continuity and build trust with our clients.

  • Formulate guidelines for handling of personal information and check/audit/maintain the compliance status

Practice of Professional Ethics by Our Representative as Certified Public Accountant

https://jicpa.or.jp/english/what-we-do/ethics/ (Japanese only)