Translation (from Japanese to English and vice versa)

We will provide high quality translations by professional staff with extensive knowledge of technical terms and financial instruments and transactions.

In the past, engaging the major accounting firms has been considered to be the best choice for accounting-related translations with high quality. However, while the need for accounting-related translation has been increasing as a result of the economic globalization, it has become difficult for major accounting firms to accept such engagements due to their limited resources and strict auditor independence requirements. Additionally, constant introduction of new financial instruments and transactions makes it difficult for machine translations to be a good solution as translation of financial documents involves proper use and understanding of technical terms. The reality is that there are not enough translators with the necessary knowledge and experience in the translation industry.

Our Translation Project Team will provide this valuable service. Headed by a professional who has led the translation team in one of the major accounting firms since its establishment, our team consists of professional translators with expertise in the financial sector.

Why we are different:

  1. We focus on accounting/financial area (e.g. translation of foreign companies’ annual reports to Japanese)
  2. Our team, consisting of CPAs and staff with experience in related industries, possess knowledge to understand the original meaning of the material to provide an accurate translation.
  3. We implement peer review for high quality translations. Translation by professional translators is double checked by experienced CPAs to ensure high quality translations.

Examples of translation materials (from Japanese to English and vice versa)

Annual Report/ Prospectus/ Global offering documents/ IR documents/ Presentation material/ FSA related documents etc.

We also provide interpretation services in conference or meetings involving highly specialized accounting topics such as those with overseas auditors or internal auditors.