IR/ESG Disclosure Support

We provide our clients with support and consultation for strategic IR/ESG disclosure to enhance corporate value and achieve sustainable growth.

We have entered an era in which companies can no longer enhance their corporate value or achieve sustainable growth without making them appealing to three markets - capital, product and employment - as well as a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Our professionals offer support and consultation for strategic IR/ESG disclosure enabling to create a virtuous cycle for value creation with ESG and sustainability placed at the core of your business strategies and corporate activities.

Combining “Pursuit of connectivity between financial and non-financial information,” “Insights into global standards”
and “High-quality English translation,” we offer unique one- stop services
to enable our clients to make disclosures meeting the needs of the new era.

Our Three Strengths

  1. With the record of winning a number of awards including “WICI Japan Integrated Report Awards” and “Nikkei Annual Report Awards” and our abundant knowledge and experience, we offer support to make IR/ESG disclosure contributing to enhancing your corporate value and pursue connectivity between financial and non-financial information. 
  2. Drawing on insights into global standards gained through our accounting consulting services provided to leading foreign-affiliated companies, we can also assist you from viewpoint of professional accountants to pursue connectivity between financial and non-financial information, ensuring that your organization keeps pace with the move toward developing a global baseline of sustainability disclosure being led by international organizations including the ISSB*.
  3. To meet ever-increasing demand from overseas stakeholders for disclosures in English, our professionals having in-depth knowledge in the fields of finance, accounting, IR, and ESG offer high-quality English translation services.
  4. *The International Sustainability Standard Board. Established in November 2021 by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation for the purpose of setting IFRS sustainability-related disclosure standards.

Planning and production of various corporate communication tools [for listed and unlisted companies]

Based on deep insights into viewpoints and thoughts of capital markets and stakeholders as well as disclosure guidelines, we plan and produce integrated reports, annual reports, sustainability reports, shareholder communications (“Kabunushi-Tsushin”), corporate brochures, etc.

[Planning] - elaborate pre-processing -
We prepare and provide proposals for concrete plans and composition, key messages, and contents by incorporating the essence of ISSB’s and other global guidelines with fine-tuning to reflect each client’s characteristics.

[Production] - post-process from scratch -
While providing objective advisory services from a consultant’s perspective, we also engage in a production process from scratch. With a deep understanding of our clients’ nature of business, purposes, MVV, corporate culture, risks and opportunities, SWOT, business models, and value creation processes, we offer comprehensive services including:

・Management and other interviews

IR/ESG Disclosure Support and Consulting [for listed and unlisted companies]

We provide specific recommendations and advice to improve your IR/ESG disclosure based on our insights into capital markets gained through many years of IR consulting work, our expertise accumulated by steadily supporting our clients’ IR/ESG disclosure and corporate value enhancement, and our knowledge cultivated by providing accounting consulting to global companies. Regardless of the production of communication tools, we offer following one-stop services:

・Disclosure support to improve ESG ratings, ESG scores, and external evaluations
・Support for setting ESG KPIs
・Disclosure support based on the TCFD Recommendations
・Support for correlation analysis of ESG KPIs and PBR and social impact quantification

*Some services are provided in collaboration with our partner companies.

IR/ESG Translation (from Japanese to English and vice versa)

In cooperation with our translation team, we provide high-quality translations of various financial and non-financial materials, including:

・Integrated reports, annual reports, sustainability reports, etc.
・Financial results (“Kessan Tanshin”), financial results briefing materials, annual securities reports, corporate governance reports, etc.
・Company brochures, websites, press releases, etc.
・Internal materials (e.g. regulations, internal branding materials, office event materials)