01 | Corporate Profile
02 | Senior Management
Takaaki Fukunaga
Koichi Yasuda
Takanori Hoshino
Mari Matsumoto

Graduated from Hosei University, Faculty of Engineering

Joined KPMG Tokyo (current AZSA & Co.) Financial Services Group
Engaged in audit of foreign financial institutions, M&A due diligence, Advisory services for NPL transactions

Provided consulting services for US-Japan cross border investment schemes using financial instruments for US life insurance policies, and tax-related services in LA

Established Global Solutions Consulting Co., Ltd. as Representative Director ( current position )

Mar. 1996

Oct. 1998

Oct. 2004

Oct. 2005

Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant,
Part-time lecturer at Faculty of Engineering of Hosei University
Takaaki Fukunaga, Representative Director

Other positions:
Part-time lecturer at Faculty of Engineering of Hosei University
Supervisory Director of Ichigo Real Estate Investment Corporation
Statutory auditor of Green Oak Investment Management K.K.
Statutory auditor of K.K. Hirayama
Statutory auditor of Ticket Guard Small Amount & Short Term Insurance Co., Ltd
Statutory auditor of PP Japan K.K.

Surfing, Fishing, Playing piano, Golf, Making Tempura and Sushi, Cultivation of orchid